Sighh is the online shop I own and design for. 
The aims of the rebrand were to improve customer experience from start to finish, to encourage people to trust online shopping and connect to the person behind the brand.
The packaging was updated with illustrated stamps, adding a hand rendered, personal touch with minimum manual labour. Stamps were chosen instead of stickers as their imperfect nature reflects the ink & brush lettering process they're intended to resemble. 
The branding was updated to three colours: teal, coral pink and mustard. A lively combination that adds pops of detail to pencil-textured lettering throughout the branding. This combination creates an annotated aesthetic, all the way down to the "Polly" signature that signs off compliment slips (we're on first name terms, of course!) which are textured and miniature, keeping things cute and handmade. 
And on connecting to the person behind the brand - the lettering and colours carry over to my personal branding, to be as cohesive as possible.

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